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Write for Us:
Guest Post or 
Become a Regular Contributor 

We are so excited to be accepting contributions to our blog in the form of guest posts!

By contributing to a marketing related blog, can help you: 

- Become more of a thought leader in your industry

- Enhance your credibility on a certain topic

- Help your website rank higher, by receiving links from an authoritative website.

We are currently accepting guest posts for the following topics: 

- Website Design + write for us

- Digital Marketing + write for us

- Social Media + write for us

- Email Marketing + write for us

- Public Relations + write for us

- Search Engine Optimization + write for us

- Blogging + write for us

- Business Finance + write for us

- Technology + write for us


Ready to Submit a Guest Post? Here are our guidelines: 

1. Send 3 topic ideas to mariya (at) mbmagency (dot) com

2. Once a topic is selected, please make sure your article is at least 700 words. Please make sure all grammar is correct, and is easy to read. 

3. You are able to include 2 'do-follow' links in the post. 

4. We will select a photo for your blog post. 

5. No compensation is provided to the writer for writing blog posts.

6. Please make sure this blog is not posted anywhere on the web.

7. Please limit self-promotion. The article should provide real value to the readers. 

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