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MBM is a North Georgia based marketing agency serving small businesses & personal brands with complete digital marketing services from strategy to implementation.

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Looking For SEO Services? We Can Help Your Website Get Found By Search Engines

Once your website is live with our homepage formula, and custom SEO plan. You may want to continue monthly web management and SEO services. 


Ranking on the top of Google's first page of search results (and staying there) is one of the most powerful strategies in marketing. It is also one of the best ways to get organic traffic with quality leads. 


While our initial custom SEO services for small businesses will help you start ranking on various search engines...if you want to continue topping the charts, we need to update your website on a monthly basis. Google favors websites that are:

1. Worded According to Their Keyword Formula

2. Freshly Updated With Relevant Content


Our monthly seo services include creating optimized blog posts, localized SEO, and website management.  We write blog posts for your website on a monthly basis that have specific high ranking keywords to help you get on the first page of Google for various topics your target audience is searching for. We work on a monthly basis to make sure your website and services are popping up to a relevant audience that is near you. We also manage your website for you in the case you need any edits, or updates to your services, or branding. 


The best part is that you will receive an analytical report at the end of every month so you are aware of where your website stands, how much traffic your website is receiving, and any changes we make. 

Our SEO Services For Small Businesses

Our SEO Services Help Your Website Show Up In Relevant Searches on Google. 

Monthly Website & SEO Package


We understand that if you are not in it every day, it is hard to learn the new website platforms. This is why we are here to help if you have any changes. Our website management services includes: updating, making new developments, and analyzing your website for best performance. 


Search engines love fresh content. This is why having weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly blog posts can help your website rank better. We conduct a keyword research to see which keywords or phrases are highly searched for in your industry-- but are easy to rank for. Using this research we create relevant blog content, helping your website show up on search engines for a variety of topics.  


Our localized SEO services are similar to a regular SEO plan, but has more of a geographical component. It helps your business or services get found around a specific location. We not only update your information in directories, we make sure you have content on your website that ranks if someone is searching "your service + nearby city." This is the perfect SEO service for small businesses.