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Resource Guide for Entrepreneurs

We often get asked for referrals in specific industries, and we decided to put a list together for you to access.

Virtual Assistant


Screenshot 2021-06-03 143015.jpg

Company: Moonlush Studio

Owner: Andrea Navas

What type of service do they provide?:

They help female entrepreneurs take their business to the next level and step into their CEO roles by streamlining and automating the back-end operations of their business. They also provide launch strategy and support.


Price Range: $997 - $5,000


Social Media Marketing

Screenshot 2021-06-03 143621.jpg

Company: The Marketing Specialist

Owner: Corey Walker

What type of service do they provide?:

Content Creation, Posting and Scheduling, Analytic Reports and Advice, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Contests and Giveaways, Initial Template Setup,

Copywriting, Monthly Newsletters, Promotions

Analytics and Advice, Simple Automations


Price Range: Vary by project, usually $75/hour

Performance Coach



Company: Be Marvelous You

Owner: Kellsie Moore

What type of service do they provide?:

The top video presence and performance coach for entrepreneurs.


Price Range: $37-$1597 self-guided programs, $10,000 retreats, $250,000 for our custom 1:1 video production package.


Business Coach

Company: Team Kristen LLC

Owner: Kristen Kacinski

What type of service do they provide?:

Kristen helps coaches and healers at various stages in their business, including brand new coaches and those scaling to 6-figures and beyond! 


Price Range: $1,997-$15,000

Business Coach


Screenshot 2021-06-03 145515.jpg

Company: Stefanie Gass, LLC

Owner: Stefanie Gass

What type of service do they provide?:

Clarity for Christian Entrepreneurs, Podcast Coaching, Passive Income Strategies


Price Range: $397-2,500


Business Coach

Company: Courtney J Kimble Consulting

Owner: Courtney Kimble

What type of service do they provide?:

Online Business Coaching: She helps female coaches + creatives build, grow, & scale profitable businesses by leveraging their social channels to book out & sell out their services!


Price Range: $400-$4,000

Brand Strategy


Screenshot 2021-06-03 150457.jpg

Company: Root + River

Owner: Emily Soccorsy

What type of service do they provide?:

Brand strategy for founders, marketing leaders and solopreneurs. We believe great brands are spiritual experiences. To convey this spirit you must have the foundations of your brand clearly set and articulated: mission, message and brand positioning. We guide our clients to uncover and articulate the brand foundation so they can grow their brand from the inside out to the world.


Price Range: $2,000 - $100,000+ depending on the size of the company and the scale of the project. They also have a community, Being Marketers, with membership at $25/month.


LinkedIn Advertising

Screenshot 2021-07-22 165757.jpg

Company: B2Linked

Owner: AJ Wilcox

What type of service do they provide?:

B2Linked has managed over $135M in ad spend, across 400+ ad accounts, and in about every industry you can think of. Over this time, they have developed winning strategies to get the most performance for your dollar on LinkedIn. They manage the largest accounts on the platform, as well as many of the smallest, and everything in between. They are eager to bring those enterprise-level strategies and experience to your business, no matter the size of your account.


Price Range: Management starts at $3k/month and they charge as a percentage of ad spend.


Social Media Marketing

Screenshot 2021-07-22 170841.jpg

Company: charles & charlotte

Owner: Pascal Fiedler

What type of service do they provide?:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy (Brand, Media, Communication)

Social Media Content Creation

Paid Social (Campaign Management & Optimization)

Community Management


Price Range: 125 €/hour or $147.29 an hour



Company: Sam Vander Wielen, LLC

Owner: Sam Vander Wielen

What type of service do they provide?:

Legal training and DIY legal templates for consultants, coaches, and online entrepreneurs so they can get their small business legally legit!


Audio/Video Network

Screenshot 2021-07-22 170029.jpg

Company: TapeReal

Owner: Ali Shah

What type of service do they provide?:

They provide Social Audio/Video Network with Instant Monetization for Creators.


Price Range: $4.99 to $19.99

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