Do you feel overwhelmed when…

  • Knowing where to start when creating a new business?

  • Trying to create a brand that stands out from the crowd?

  • Understanding how to create a cohesive brand?

  • Trying to DIY your own website?

D O E S  T H I S


Launching a Biz

Join us for a FREE 1-hour Masterclass: Wednesday, May 27th @ 4pm /7 PM EST 

During this time you will learn everything that you need to know in order to launch a profitable brand from day one. could make money just by being yourself? had a strong brand that attracted your ideal clients?

...your website starting showing up on the first page of Google. 

...your website worked as your full-time sales page.


This will be a one-hour interactive LIVE masterclass, where you will learn everything you need to know how to launch a profitable brand by the end of this weekend. 


We're not just teaching you tactics. We want you to understand the human psychology behind branding so that you can take this information and use it in your Instagram stories, your captions, live videos, and more. This is the secret system we use for our clients to help them build trust and authority with their audience. 


We'll teach you Google hacks to help you start using your website as another sales page for your company. 


Regardless of your marketing experience, we'll make sure you walk away confident and excited to launch the idea you've been sitting on. 





Live 1 Hour



A live 1-hour masterclass that will take you step-by-step of how you can launch a profitable brand this weekend.


How To Optimize

Your Instagram

You will learn about how to create a clear and consistent brand on Instagram that translates to your website. 


Beginner's SEO

Step By Step Guide 

You will learn simple SEO hacks that will have your website start showing up on Google in no time!

This free branding masterclass is for anyone who is planning to start, or has already started their business, but they have confusion around how to make their brand profitable from the beginning. 


This class will help you break the confusion (that you have) and the resistance (that your customer) may have around your brand. 


Let's go make some money! 




Meet Kate & Mariya

Kate Obert (left) is a fashion stylist turned brand strategist. She helps six figure entrepreneurs create a clear, cohesive & aesthetically-pleasing brand identity online. Her specialty is in rebrands & creating a full-sensory brand experience.

Mariya Bentz (right) is the founder of MBM Agency, a digital marketing company that helps service-based businesses grow their revenue through profitable websites. Her focus lies in SEO marketing, sales copywriting, and creating a compelling design.