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Top Sales Page Mistakes to Avoid | Tips From Our Website Design Company

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Are you working your butt off promoting your new digital course or program, but actually dread sending people to your sales page? Our website design company has a few game changing tips for you.

Does this sound familiar? You’re logging on to see your website stats. You’re seeing so many page views on your landing page, but for some reason...people are just NOT hitting that “buy now” button. The worst part have no idea why you are not converting your website visitors into clients.

You may start to feel discouraged and doubt yourself or your product. Thoughts may start to roll in like…”Is my product too overpriced?” “Is my service not captivating enough?”

For a split second, you want to give up because you just spent so much time putting SO MUCH EFFORT into a product that people are not buying.

But what if I told you that it’s not your’s the way you are selling it. Sales page mistakes can cost you money and clients. Here are our website design company's top 4 sales page mistakes to avoid:

Bad Design

If your landing page looks like it’s from 2010...please MIGHT click out of it thinking that it’s not legit. Or if your design is too cluttered and people can’t find your CTA button right away, they will not want to spend their time searching for it.

Not Enough Information OR Too Much Information

Giving too much information may overwhelm your ideal client, and if they can’t see the true benefit you can provide them-- they won’t stay around. Focus on your main offer, and the PROBLEM it will help your client SOLVE. Include a brief description, and really focus on the BENEFITS your client will get from it. People don’t buy because of the 3 workbooks, and the steps you will teach them. People buy because of the TRANSFORMATION that you can walk them through.

Not Mobile Friendly

Make sure that your sales page looks amazing on a mobile phone. Think about’re spending so much time promoting your offer on Instagram and Facebook...and what device are people using on these sites? THEIR PHONE. If they log on your landing page and it is not easy to navigate...or worse...they can’t find your call-to-action won’t be able to make the sales you deserve.

Putting the Price Tag At The Top Of The Page

You don’t want to turn someone away with your price before they have a chance to fully see what you have to offer. Instead of leading with your price, lead with the benefits that your product could offer. What kind of transformation will your ideal client go through by buying this product? By putting your price at the bottom of your landing page, your potential client will have a chance to scroll through all of the sections on your homepage. This is also why it is important to make sure each section of your landing page is easily skimmable.

Working With Our Website Design Company

If you're tired of trying to do it all yourself, we can help. Every design that our team creates has sales phycology in mind. We make sure that from the header - to the end of the page - showcases how your product could benefit your potential customers. Our website design company makes sure that your sales page is BUILT TO SELL. Book a discovery call today to see if we'd be a good fit to work together!

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