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Website Launch for D&S Pro Coaching

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

D&S Procoaching is an executive company that understands how time-consuming and daunting it can be to write your own concise and effective resume or LinkedIn profile. They've created thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles spanning CMO, CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, COO, CRO, CHRO, and CSO roles, as well as VPs and Directors of Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Communications, Engineering & Product Development, Compliance & Risk Management, and many more. Their global clients span six continents and every major region around the world from companies like Intel, PwC, Google, Capital One, Credit Suisse, Novartis, Oracle, Twitter, Stanford, Amazon, Facebook, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and hundreds more.

Debra Boggs, Owner of D&S, contacted us in hopes of revamping their website, and that's exactly what we did. We used our homepage formula, brighter photos and colors. Our goal was to make the website sleeker and even better than before.

The Vision

Here's what we did to change it up:

1. We added a captivating header

The old header was not bright and did not capture the viewers attention. The new header that we implemented is sleeker, brighter, and more captivating with a better image to grab the viewers attention.

2. We decided to increase the boldness and the contrast on the website.

High contrast is a HUGE style choice, but it fit perfectly for D&S. We added more black, dark gray, and dark teal to this website to let the content, photos, and videos stand out. Contrast might seem overwhelming, but the mail goal of this statement it to draw the viewers attention into the website.

3. We increased it's readability

The layout of the original website was not a major issue. But, when it comes to making the website sleeker - the layout had to be perfect. We took out unnecessary content, and we made sure every section on the website had a purpose. That is how we elevated the website's readability and design.

View The D&S Site Here:

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