The Top 3 Elements of a Sales Page

You’ve got in your hand the 1st creation: a course, book, mastermind class, or whatever amazing-ness you created & wondering, what to do with this?

You've probably spent HOURS on Google searching

"How to Sell/Launch _________." But are still left more confused than ever.

There are so many different things you can do to try to sell your product: email your list, message everyone you know, post on Instagram everyday, host a free webinar, etc.

BUT...your course still may not sell.

The most important part of launching a digital product/service is the sales page. What's the point of spending all of your time and energy promoting if when a potential customer lands on your sales page...they won't be captivated enough to buy?

Here are the top 3 most important elements of a sales page:


We’re going to dive much deeper into this topic in our sales page masterclass. But here’s what you need to know: if you don’t have any kind of social proof on how amazing your product is...people don’t know if they can trust you. You may have an entire sales page explaining ALL of the benefits...but unless you have some sort of third-party endorsement validating everything that you are saying...your audience may not believe you.

The Benefit Your Product Actually Provides

Here’s what people DON’T care about:

How many hours of video content are included in your course

The fact that there are exactly 14 workbooks

The name and subtitle of every chapter in your ebook.

While these features are good to know, they will NOT be helping your client make their final decision. Instead ask yourself…”how will my product help transform my customer’s life?” Then translate that unto your sales page. Show your potential clients the problem that you will help them solve. Then you can phrase your features to their benefit, for example “We created _______ so that you can __________.”

A Single Call-To-Action

The point of a sales page so to MAKE THAT SALE. So make sure your landing page does not have any other distractions. Don’t show the navigation bar of your website, don’t have any link’s going anywhere other than where your customer can buy. BUT do place you call-to-action button (basically a button that links them where they can purchase) placed through-out your sales page, especially near enticing elements such as: testimonials, the benefits your service offers, near modules examples, etc.

In our masterclass, The Ultimate Sales Page Roadmap, we dive even deeper on the 12 elements that every sales page needs. You’ll walk away knowing how to easily craft a compelling sales page, that you will be able to replicate for all future products!

Don’t forget to use the code "PODCAST" for $75 off of the class!

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