The Focused Coach Website | A Premium Wix Template for Agencies, Business Consultants, & Coaches

This Wix website template made especially for service-based businesses includes a homepage with our homepage formula, and about page, 3 services pages, and a blog. This template is fully mobile optimized, so you don't have to worry about how it looks on any screen or tablet!

Click here to view the live preview of The Fast Track WIX Website Template.

This Wix website template is great to show your potential customers what problem you could help them solve, why they should trust you, why you have authority in your space, and most importantly-- how easy it is to work with you. The layout, and content is designed with the business professional in it works best for agencies, consultants, coaches, and really any service-based businesses.

We've even seen an auto company take this template and transform it to fit their brand.

On the homepage, the first first section that you see shows your potential client how you can help them. Then, right under it-- we touch on their pain points. What is your current client struggling with? What do they need help with? What is on their mind everyday?

As soon as they start answering these questions in their head...the next section shows them that you have the authority to help them...AKA showing them your stats. We've added some to spark your ideas like: how many clients have your serviced, your client success rate, etc.

After your potential client believes that you have the authority to help show them how by listing your main services. And right under your continue building trust through testimonials. We recommend using photos (or better yet- videos) of your past clients talking about how amazing your services really are.

Before getting to the big "Call To Action," we included a place for you to add a 3-Step Process of what it would look like if someone contacted you...If they see a simple three-step process (and understand that booking a call with you is no-commitment), they will feel more at ease during your "sales call." You also want your ideal client avatar to envision how easy it would be to work with you.

The best part about our WIX website templates is we didn’t just input dummy text inside of this website, our copy tells you what you need to write in each section, and why. Each part is based on copywriting formulas that help show your potential customers the benefits of working with you versus your competitors. 

Once you purchase this Wix website template, it’s completely customizable including the fonts, colors, text, photos! This template requires absolutely no coding or photoshop skills. You can remove or add elements to make sure that every aspect of your new website fits your brand and business.