The First Thing People Need to See on a Sales Page - Tips From Our Website Design Company

Does creating a sales page sound daunting to you don’t even know where to start? Our website design company is here to help.

You may have found yourself scrolling through other creators' sales pages, and just can’t seem to figure out how to truly capture your ideal client’s attention.

Most people just slap on a stock photo, write the name of their product, and hope it’s a slam dunk. BUT the first thing your ideal client sees on your page is THE MOST IMPORTANT because studies show that you only have 8 seconds to grab the attention of your landing page visitors. Isn’t that crazy?

Here’s the first thing your ideal client needs to see on their sales page according to our website design company:

High Quality Image of the Host

We recommend using your face, because when people see the face of who will be guiding them along their journey...they will instantly feel a connection, other than if they saw a stock photo.

Compelling Headline

The headline should demand their attention, and make a promise of how your service or product could help your potential customer.

If you don’t nail your headline...people won’t stick around for the rest (that’s the same rule of thumb for an Instagram caption or story).

Here’s a few ways you can create an enticing headline:

Address a specific problem that your ideal client is struggling with.

For example, “Is Your Sales Page Not Converting?”

Catch the reader’s attention with a bold headline.

For example, “The Ultimate Sales Page Roadmap.”

Create a scene that your ideal client dreams about.

For example, “What If Your Sales Pages Converted For You WITHOUT Having To Jump On Sales Calls?”

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