Brand New Corporate Website Design for Second Freedom

Updated: Sep 14

Our website design company launched a brand new corporate website design for our client, Second Freedom.

Website Design Company | MBM Agency
Corporate Website Design By MBM Agency

Second Freedom is a leadership coaching program found by David Daniel and Marion Rieheman. It is known for transforming leadership by measuring, developing and sustaining leadership effectiveness in a VUCA* world. They have five total offers for C-level executives and entrepreneurs alike.

David and Marion connected with MBM Agency, in the summer of 2021, to create a brand new website for their company. They were looking for something that had a corporate feel, user friendly, and formatted in a way where the website could really highlight what makes their coaching stand out, and can showcase their authority in the industry. Another item that was important to our clients, is that after the website design was complete, they could easily go in and make any photo or text edits as they grew and evolved.

The Website Design Process By MBM Agency

Website Design Company | MBM Agency

Before we began designing the website, we started with sending our clients a mood board with a few different options for colors, photos, and photo styles. They ended up choosing the color palette that had darker colors such as black, navy, and grey. Plus, a gold accent color for the call-to-action buttons (to really make sure that they stand out).

Afterwards, our website design company proceeded to create a mock-up of the homepage before we began designing online. We created a layout based on our homepage formula, as it has proven to truly showcase why someone has authority in their industry, it highlights their experience, and helps their potential client's understand why they can trust the company. Some of the most important parts of MBM Agency's 'homepage formula,' includes: stats of your experience, showcase past clients, testimonials, and videos. We also designed this custom website using the WIX platform (from scratch, no templates here). Our client's have been loving the WIX platform because once the design and layout is done, they can easily make edits themselves, without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, the platform is very secure, and it typically doesn't get hacked by bots (like some other popular platforms).

In addition to creating a homepage, about page, and service page...we created a long-form sales page for Marion's main coaching program. Sales pages could benefit a company greatly, because they help answer all of the potential client's questions, they showcase the benefits of the program, and the main problem you can help them solve. For this particular sales page, we actually took a slide deck that Marion has created for the coaching program, and we turned it into a sales page! Take a look at it for yourself here:

Take a Look at the Homepage Design for Second Freedom:

Website Design Company | MBM Agency

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