Sales Page & Website Design Launch for Melissa Machat

Our website design company just launched a new website for entrepreneur Melissa Machat. Melissa teaches solopreneurs how to stop the hustle, create an aligned business, become a CEO and grow their empire.

When Melissa contacted our web design agency, she has already chosen to create her courses on Kartra, but wanted to website design that is professional, while reflects different aspects of her personality and interests. Throughout the website you may notice all of the visuals of the desert or nature-- this was intentional to show Melissa's love for hiking, nature, and living in the desert.

We decided to create Melissa's homepage and sales pages on WIX as it allows us to create a fully customized design. We don't use WIX's templates when working with our clients. We come up with a design based on our clients needs and we create a website from scratch. WIX has been our client favorite because after the website is launched, it is easy for our client to go in and add/delete text or change photos without having to know how to code.

Unique Sales Page Designs

While the homepage reflects the brand's main colors, we have separated each sales page to be identified by an individual color. You can see each course outlined with it's respective colors on the homepage, and once you click on each sales page, that page will be branded with a specific color. This was our client's idea and we love it! She is also planning to use this technique in her online marketing.

Our Sales Page Template

Our team has created a sales page template that we use for our online entrepreneurs. It is based on sales psychology that helps your potential client:

- Understand how you can help them.

- See that you have authority in your industry.

- Naturally begin to trust that you can truly help them.

- Have their questions answered so they feel comfortable moving forward.

Our sales page template has 12 very important sections, that we may switch out based on our client's product or service. Some sections that we have noticed make a major impact on sales pages are:

- Captivating photo of the creator with a clear headline.

- Asking the 'pain point' questions.

- Making sure that important words and phrases are bolded and/or underlined.

- Testimonials (especially video testimonials if you have them).