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New Website & SEO Plan for a Local Roofing Company

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our website design company created a brand new custom website for a Georgia roofing company-- Miracle Roofs.

The Website Design for Miracle Roofs

As a company who provides locally-based services, it is important to have a website that is easily found on Google, and that the layout is methodically thought out.

The homepage is designed to read like a brochure, to be an overview of all that they company provides.

The homepage layout includes:

  • Ability for customers to directly schedule a roofing inspection.

  • An overview of all services: roof replacement and repair, fascia and soffit, gutters, and outdoor lighting.

  • Information about insurance claim assistance.

  • Finance information.

  • Testimonials.

  • What to expect

  • Contact form

Click the video below to take a live view of the homepage:

Our team at MBM has also created a formula for all service pages - to have them read like a sales page. The designs of these pages help answer any questions that a potential customer may have, and to help position the company as an authority in the industry.

The sections of our service pages include:

  • Service overview.

  • Financing information.

  • How can customers know if they need a replacement or a repair.

  • 3 Points that make the company stand out.

  • Company mission statement.

  • Roofing FAQs.

  • The roofing process.

  • Call to Action.

SEO Strategy for a Roofing Company

Not only did we design a custom website for Miracle Roofs, we also created a custom SEO strategy to help them show up for industry searches on Google in various cities, and helped them optimize their Google My Business profile.

Additionally, we created an easy scheduling system right off of their website! Their customers can easily make an appointment when it is convenient for them, and the salesperson immediately gets an appointment created on their calendar.

Are you looking for a website design company?

If you have a company that targets a local audience, having a website can majorly help secure leads for your business. Most likely, your potential customers are going to search engines like Google to see which company in the area can help them solve their problem. You want to make sure that your company shows up.

While the design of your website is important to capture a potential customer's is how the website is formatted to be able to appear on the first page of search results. Then once the customer is on your page, it is the wording that will actually convert a viewer into a lead. With our locally based businesses, we work hand in hand to make sure that they receive the best results from their website.

Click here to learn more:

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