My Top Lessons in Business from 2019

2019's Top Business Lessons

Can you believe that 2019 is almost over?! I seem to say this at the end of every year but this year went by so fast! 2019 was a huge year of growth for me and my business. Even though I started full time with MBM in mid 2018, I really decided I wanted to launch my company into something far greater in 2019. With hiring employees, and expanding my audience I have learned a thing or two this year. I am excited to share some of my business lessons of 2019.

My Top 2019 Business Lessons Takeaway:

1. It’s okay to not know it all and hire someone who can help you.

I know hiring someone on to your company can be scary. In fact, I was TERRIFIED before hiring my first employee. But once I did it, I wondered what took me so long to make a hire in the first place. By hiring someone on my team, I was able to take on more projects AND have more time to be intentionally selling for my business.

I was lucky enough that the first person I hired on was very knowledgeable of my industry. So it made it easy to bounce ideas off one another and work together on projects. After my first hire, the others came so much easier.

2. Balance isn’t real, but things can work in a harmony. 

If there is one business lesson I've learn in 2019 it's that there is a season for everything.

I tried finding the perfect schedule for myself and my business. A schedule that would have me be the perfect mom, wife, business owner, and boss. But I quickly realized that I would never be able to have the perfectly balanced life.

Most of the time we need to hustle hard to make sure that we are able to steer our business in the right direction. But it's impossible to stay in that season all the time. You should be ambitious and work hard for your business, but it's also needed to have seasons of rest.

If you constantly work in overdrive you will eventually burn yourself out. I learned to do things like taking weekends off, and having morning quite time to help me be more productive and prevent myself from feeling burnt-out.

3. Clients have a timeline in a business. 

When I first started my business, I use to get so down when contracts were not renewed. I felt like I did something wrong. Earlier this year when I hired a business coach, he said something that blew my mind: He told me that every client has a timeline. Each business and industry typically has a client timeline of how long each client stays on.

After this discovery, I was able to predict how long a client will stay with me. It made me think... How can I extend my clients timeline of working with me? I began to brainstorm ideas. I worked up an outline that showed each client why working with my company long term would be a benefit for their company MORE.

4. We have to consistently work on our mindset. 

When I first started working on my mindset in 2018, I thought once I had it...I was good for life! But with growth comes growing pains. We had to take risks and leaps of faith in order to grow MBM, and I wouldn't have been able to do that with the same mindset I had years prior. My mindset had to change, grow and develop as my company changed, grew, and developed. Every single successful person I have spoken to (in person or on the podcast) has said that their number one secret to their business success is that they focus on is mindset. It's important to set goals, look for opportunities, and overcome fears. Change your mind and you will change your life!

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