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How to Transfer a Premium Wix Website to Another Account [For Website Designers]

If you are new to web designing, you may be searching "how to transfer a premium Wix website to another account." Thankfully, there is a simple way to transfer that website into your client's account.

Before getting started, make sure that your client has created their own WIX account. Let them know that there is no need to add any sites to their account. They need to just sign up, and exit out of the account.

Below is our step-by-step guide on how to transfer a premium WIX website to another account:

Once your client created their own account on WIX, log into your dashboard and select the website you would like to transfer. Once you are in the dashboard of your client's site, there will be a button at the top right of the page that says, "Site Actions."

Click on "Site Actions," and then click "Transfer Site."

There will be a pop up that appears with different transfer options, select the one that is needed for your needs:

  1. Enter the email address of the new owner.

  2. If the website already has hosting with WIX, you are able to transfer the WIX premium account into a new account. You are also now able to transfer ownership to all of the emails that are related to the WIX account!

  3. If you will be working with your client on a monthly basis, or if you want to have access to their account in case they will need edits in the future, be sure to select the box that says, "Keep my role as Website Manager of the site after the transfer."

After you make your selections, click Next. Then confirm all of the details of the transfer, and click "Transfer Ownership."

Then, your client will receive an email from WIX saying that someone is transferring an account for their ownership. They will have 3 days to accept that request. If your client takes their time to accept the request, you will have to re-submit the transfer request after 3 days again.

If for some reason your client mentions that they did not receive the email, make sure that they check their spam box.

You will receive an email once your client accepts the transfer and the process is complete.

When your client accepts the website, the next time that they login, they will see the website in their WIX dashboard.

That is how to easily transfer a premium WIX website to another account for website designers. If you would like to send your client a step-by-step guide on their side, click here.

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