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How to Transfer a WIX Website to Another Account [For Web Clients]

If you are working with MBM Agency, we start the design process of your WIX website on our account. This gives us the ability to get started right away, and since we are a WIX Partner, we are able to add extra details into your website design process to make sure everything goes seamlessly.

If you are reading this post, congratulations! That means that your website is almost ready to launch! We just have a few steps that we need you to complete.

Below is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to transfer a WIX website into another account:

1. Create an account and let us know which email you use. When you sign up, you may be prompted to sign up to design your own website with WIX's template. Ignore this, and you can exit out at this point.

2. Once I get an update from you, I will send a transfer request to your email with your newly designed website.

3. You will be sent an email from WIX asking to accept a website being transferred to you. You click the button in the email that says "Accept Transfer."

4. You should be taken to your new WIX account, and you will see the website in your account. If you don't see it, log out and sign right back in. It should pop up.

The next step in transferring a WIX website to another account, is signing up for hosting and connecting your domain.

When you sign in, look for a purple button that says "Upgrade." Usually at the top of your website dashboard, but occasionally can be on the right hand side.

This button will take you to a new screen, to sign up for your website hosting.

What is web hosting?

Website hosting is something that houses your site design, and maintains all of the files that are associated with your website. It is what makes your website easily accessible to the world wide web. When you have hosting set up, you then connect it to a domain name.

What is the difference between hosting vs domain?

As mentioned above, hosting is what stores your design files online, while the domain is the address where your website can easily be found with online. In order to have a professional and functional website, you need both.

Signing Up for WIX Hosting

If you have any question when choosing which premium plan to select with WIX, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have a basic, informational website that has a few standing pages and no blog-- you can do fine with the most affordable plan.

It is when you have a blog, or have an ecommerce store that you will need to select a larger plan to have more storage space available for your website. But we usually let our clients know if they need an upgraded plan.

Go through the steps that are prompted on the screen when signing up for a WIX hosting account.

Connect a Domain Name to Your WIX Account

If you do no have a domain name purchased, it may be easiest to purchase one on WIX to keep all of your website details all in one place. If you are not prompted to purchase a new domain name after your sign up for hosting, go back to your website dashboard.

Click the link at the top that says, "Connect Your Own Domain."

You will then be prompted to type in the domain you want. If it is not owned by anyone, you will be able to purchase it. WIX will then connect your domain to your website design automatically.

Already have a domain purchased on another platform?

No worries at all! Just send me the login details to your WIX account, AND the login details to where your domain was purchased. I will log in, and connect it manually for you.

That is how to easily transfer a WIX website to another account for our MBM clients. If you are a website designer, looking to how transfer a WIX website to another account from the beginning, click here for a step-by-step guide for website designers.

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