How I Made Over $10k In Revenue from Referrals in 2019

Are you trying to figure out how to make money from Referral Programs in 2020?

Whatever business you are in...referrals are necessary to the success of your business. They can be so powerful because if someone is recommending your services to a friend, that cold lead can become a very warm lead very quickly. This is because people are more likely to trust someones experience with your business versus what they find online.

Using a referral program for your business is great because you are allowing your network to do the sales for you! Which not only takes a load off of your busy schedule, but also increases your opportunity to reach new clients through networking. I have been using a referral program system for about six months and I have seen tremendous growth and opportunity for my business.

Here are some ways you can use referrals as a networking system to grow your company:

1. Ask Your Existing Clients

When I started my referral program mid-way through the year, I emailed all my past and current clients to ask them if they knew anyone who was in need of website design, or search engine optimization services. I had success with getting replies with both referrals and new business projects from past clients. Now, each time we finish a service for a client we send them a final email, asking for the referral. This is a really easy way to stay connected with all of your clients and utilize their connections for your advantage.

2. Ask Your Network

One of the most important things when working on your referral program is to market your products to the right people. Do you have anyone in your network who you could possibly sell too-- or you know they might know people who you can sell too? Make a list of both (people who you could sell too, and people who know people). Draft a message their way to see if they could send referrals your way.

Below is an example of what I have been sending out:

"Hey!! You may know that I am all about creating websites and geek out over SEO. I think you might be a great fit for our service. I wanted to tell you why— Would you be open to it?"


If they say no:

"I totally understand. But I know you run in a really cool crowd who would be perfect for our service. Who do you know that could use a website update or SEO plan right now? I would love to be able to mention your name or even get an introduction."

Something like this shows a new client that you are passionate about the services you provide and are truly interested in working alongside their company. Make your message personal and light-hearted but with enough information to get your point across.

3. Have a Referral Program from Biz Colleagues

Lastly, something that is very helpful when asking for referrals is to connect with your business colleagues and offer them a referral for anyone who they bring your way. We have a referral program, that if our colleagues send a client our way...we will send them a referral check. This gives your network to have you top of mind for your type of service. This has been so beneficial to our business success this year!

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