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How Attending A Business Conference Can Change Your Life

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Are You Ready To Become Empowered, Connected, & Elevated In Your Business?

Attending business conferences has become a game changer in my business. It is unlike anything else to sit in a room of like-minded people...all trying to reach the same thing.

The connections I have made with people I have met at business conferences are UNREAL. There are women I met a year ago at a conference that I still keep in touch with daily. We have sent each other new clients, speaking opportunities, and even have begun masterminds to help each other grow in our businesses.

I have planned to attend a couple of business conferences in 2020, but unfortunatly had to cancel because of COVID19.

I was a little bummed....but then came my friend, Kamille Cawley, who decided to create a virtual event. I'll be honest- I was a little skeptical of how a virtual event could replace a real-life conference. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The way Kamille structured The Abundant Entrepreneur Summit this summer was brilliant. We had the trainings to help us elevate our business models and marketing. But she also had the connection piece. My favorite was an ice-breaker game that we played with the speakers and attendee's— we really got to meet and connect with everyone who attended!

We also had panel discussions where we got to chat and answer questions with everyone who attend. It was amazing to watch these panel discussions because there were so many break throughs! By the end there were (good) tears, new friendships, and even new business connections made.

DON'T MISS OUT on The Abundant Entrepreneur Summit 2.0 - we are coming back bigger and better than ever! Grab your ticket here:

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