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Brand New Website for an Upcoming Author

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our website design company launched a brand new promotional website for James Anderson, who is launching his new book- Good Enough for the Climate.

James Earl Anderson has been enthralled with the natural world since he first climbed (and fell out of) the sycamore tree at his boyhood home in Madison, WI. Environmental issues are his passion and career focus. He is currently VP of Sales for Advanced Environmental Monitoring. He is Chair of HMEI (Hydrometeorology Industry Association) and member of ETTAC (the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee) for the US Department of Commerce. Anderson brings this passion and experience to Good Enough for the Climate.

James connected with MBM Agency in the fall of 2021. He was about to launch his new book, and needed a landing page to help promote his book. James was looking for something that matched the design of his book, but was also a resource for people to learn more about his book and climate change.

The Design Process By MBM Agency

Before we started building out the website online, we create a mock-up design graphic. Even with our authors, we also use a version of our homepage formula to showcase their authority in the industry. Each section is also carefully thought out to grab the reader's attention to want to learn more about the book as well.

Our "homepage formula" for our author clients include:

  1. A header with the title of the book, and a quick blurb explaining what the book is about.

  2. Three quick points of why the reader would be interested in this book.

  3. A quick summary of the book (with a link to learn more).

  4. A section to download a free excerpt from the book (a great way to build an email list).

  5. A quick author bio.

  6. Early praise for the book (AKA testimonials from the first readers).

  7. A contact form to reach the author for questions, or speaking engagements.

Are you looking for a website design company?

Looking for a blog or landing page? We would love to help you with not only your website blog design but also to make sure your posts get seen by as many people as possible. You have a message that you want to put out into the world, we’re here to help you make that happen.

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The best part is that we’ll make sure that your blog shows up on Google searches as someone searches for your name or related blog topics. We’ll even give you a step-by-step guide of how you should formulate your actual blogs so more people can find them online.

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Take a Look at the Full Website Design Below:

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