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Brand New Website for Basketball Coach Brittney Ezell

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our website design company has launched a new website for basketball coach Brittney Ezell.

Brittney Ezell has had quite a basketball career. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to:

► Turn around the basketball program at East Tennessee State University, guiding the team to play in two conference championships and achieving record-level season attendance.

► Rebuild the team culture, assemble a standout staff, and guide the team to their first post-season tournament in eight years as head coach for Belmont University.

► Coach professional athletes competing in the Caribbean Games tournament as an assistant coach for the National Team of the Bahamas.

Brittney Ezell is transitioning her career by joining the Elite Entertainment Experiences (E3) team. E3 is a place where Brittney can combine her love for all sports, create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, develop and lead standout programs, and build strong relationships and partnerships.

But even with her new role, Brittney still plans to continue coaching basketball. She offers private lessons for individual training and small groups to instruct and encourage kids of all ages and skill levels.

When Brittney Ezell connected with our website design agency, she knew what kind of website she was looking for. She wanted to showcase her authority in the industry and make it easy for parents to sign up for basketball coaching.

Our team at MBM Agency went right to work! We created a homepage that read like a brochure-- it included Brittney's stats in the industry, her bio, services, and recent press. See a preview below:

Once you clicked on the "services" that Brittney offered, we went into more detail. When you click on the "Instruction" tab on the website, you will see all of the details for her basketball coaching. We included:

  • A service overview

  • Brittney's screening process

  • Photos of previous sessions

  • A frequently asked question section

  • A detailed contact form

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