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Brand New Website Design for Georgia Roofing Company

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our website design company has recently launched a new website design for a local Georgia roofing company-- Georgia Select Roofing.

When the owner of Georgia Select Roofing company came to MBM Agency, he knew the vibe he wanted for the website, and how he wanted it to function.

While he wanted a more modern website, he did not want to have a lot of white space. He wanted the site to have a darker feel and have the photos stand out. If you look closely at the website, all white spaces have a slight design in the background.

Aside from design, he knew how important it was to have a website that customers were able to easily navigate whether they were on desktop or on mobile. He also wanted to make sure that they were able to have all of their questions answered as soon as possible.

This Roofing Website Stands Out Because:

  • The contact form is right at the top so visitors don't have to look around if they want to schedule an inspection.

  • We also added a chat box where website visitors can "text" with a company representative in real time.

  • A pop-up form shows up for new visitors letting them know that Georgia Select Roofing can help with storm damage.

  • There are tons of project photos to look through to really see the quality of work that this company provides.

SEO Plan for a Roofing Company

Any local-based company knows how important an SEO plan is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. This is an important element in a roofing company's marketing plan because it is a way for the company to gain more leads.

We created a custom SEO plan for this roofing company. We did thorough research of what keywords people were using in their area when looking for their specific service. We use a tool that lets us know how many searches each keyword receives. We take the top keywords that are easier to rank for (aka not a lot of competition), and input them on the website according to Google's specific formula.

Aside from the main webpages that you see on the website, there are ten additional pages that focus on specific cities. They only show up on Google, you can't find them through the navigation of the website!

Are you looking for a website design company?

If you have a company that targets a local audience, having a website can majorly help secure leads for your business. Most likely, your potential customers are going to search engines like Google to see which company in the area can help them solve their problem. You want to make sure that your company shows up.

While the design of your website is important to capture a potential customer's is how the website is formatted to be able to appear on the first page of search results. Then once the customer is on your page, it is the wording that will actually convert a viewer into a lead. With our locally based businesses, we work hand in hand to make sure that they receive the best results from their website.

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