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Brand New Website Design for a New Shopify Shop

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our website design company just launched a brand new home decor e-commerce shop for one of our clients. We just LOVE all the colors on the website and the furniture collection.

Our client is a former interior designer, who launched her own online shop. She is heavily inspired by nature in her interior décor, so she really wanted the website to reflect her inspiration. You’ll see photos of nature throughout the website, and in the background of collection and product pages.

Aside from creating a custom design on Shopify, we created a custom SEO plan. We researched over 500+ keywords that she can use in her product descriptions to help her rank higher on the search engines.

Are you looking to create a new e-commerce website?

Your eCommerce website will also be a place where you can create a community for your customers, capture their email addresses, gain new insights and more. When you book a strategy call with our website design company, our goal is to learn more about your company, and the goals you have for your business. Our website design company strives to help you clarify your message on each page so that you are able to capture the attention of your ideal customer as soon as they land on your website. Every design and formatting decision is made with your target audience in mind.

To learn more of how MBM can help, click here:

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