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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Adjust Their Marketing Plans During The Coronavirus

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

How can you prepare your small business during the Coronavirus?

I know I'm not the only business owner rethinking our strategies and adjusting a few things in our marketing plans for spring.

Below are 7 ways various small businesses are able to adjust their marketing plans during the Coronavirus to ensure a secure future:

Gyms/ Owners/Trainers/Music Teachers: Turn your sessions into online meetings using Zoom, create an at-home method/training for your students to follow, you can text daily workouts & meal plans, etc. 

Restaurant Owners: You can match gift card sales, for example...if a customer buys a gift card for $40, you will match them another $40. You can also add a doorstep delivery.

Retailers: Add products to your website so people can shop from home, and/or add a doorstep delivery. 

eCommerce: You can have a sale for buy one, get any other item for free. 

Service Providers: If someone signs a contract, and pays their deposit this week—can you offer a steep discount as an incentive? 

Travel: Offer steep discounts for summer/fall if people book now. 

Showrooms: Can customers “FaceTime” your store to see your products without coming in?

What industry are you in? Has your business been affected?

If so-- how are you adjusting your marketing plans? We are currently working on resources for our audience to help inspire you during this time. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to hear what other business owners are doing during this time. Feel free to share the graphic below to your social media to help inspire others as well!

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