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4 Apps to Manage a Remote Team

The best apps to use with your remote team in your business.

Planning on hiring in 2020? Or maybe you already have a small team but can't figure out how to best manage all the details to make sure that everyone is getting their projects done and not taking advantage of your time. If you've ever asked yourself these questions while trying to grow your team, you have come to the right place.

After I found out about these apps I couldn't help but wish I knew about them sooner. As my team grew, I knew I needed to have reliable resources to track all my projects and employees. These four apps have played a vital role in the growth of my company over the last year and have helped with overall success.

There are my favorite 4 apps to use with my remote team:

1. Asana

Asana is a project management app that has both desktop and mobile features. It's designed to help teams organize, track, and manage your work. What's great about it is it's customizable for your personal business and/or freelance work. Here at MBM, we organize all our projects for each team member and then separate all our clients in different folders. We assign different team members to specific tasks throughout each project, and then add due dates to each task to ensure that everything is done on time. Asana has all kinds of different ways to set up your business to help manage your remote team and stay organized while growing your team and clientele.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is time tracking app that allows me to keep track of how much time we are spending on each client, as well as make sure my remote team is working on the correct projects that were assigned. Time Doctor is great because it integrates with Asana, so whenever my team members work on a task-- I am able to see how long it takes them for each client. This allows me to see how to accurately price each of our services.

3. Square

Square is a payment system that we use with all of our clients. Square does have a processing fee, but the app is so convenient for remote teams that I believe it is worth it. Like Asana, Square is customizable based on the needs and wishes of each client, and it is a user-friendly app that helps both sides of the transaction. I've used Square for years and love how easy it is to use.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a virtual storage app that can be accessed by more than one person. This is where we store all our files so each team member can have access to it. Its also a great way to send files to clients because they will then have access to edit, make notes, and approve the content before moving further in their project.

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