How to Write Successful Blogs - Tips From Our Website Design Company

Updated: May 6

Blogging is so powerful. I’m not taking about showing your current followers your knowledge and insight into your industry— or giving them another avenue to connect with your content. Maybe you've already wondered to yourself, "how to write successful blogs?"

While connecting with your audience is important in the long run, the true reason why blogging is so powerful is: it’s another avenue for you to get discovered.

Let me explain: by using keywords and phrases that you know people are searching for in your blogs, gives you more chances to be found within Google’s search results.

So in order to write effective blog posts, you have to ask yourself: What does my audience want to hear?

Here's how our website design company writes blogs for our clients:

1. Figure Out Which Keywords People Are Searching For:

Write a list of titles that you think your audience would be interested in, and then see real results.

My favorite SEO tool is Ubersuggest. You can type in your titles and Ubersuggest will show you how many searches that keyword gets per month, and if it is easy to rank for that keyword on Google.

If you find titles that have HIGH MONTHLY SEARCHES— cha ching! You know what your next blogs need to be about because people are actually searching for them online.