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How To Start a Freelance Business

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Starting your own freelance business can be tricky; however, given the right knowledge and time, your freelance business can rocket towards success. First, it is important to know what a freelance business is. A freelance business is a business in which, rather than being employed by a company in one specific job, freelancers are self-employed and find work via a variety of sources. They typically offers services to clients, and often to multiple clients at a time. Essentially, this means that you are self employed. So, it is very important to know what can make your freelance business successful, and luckily, I have some advice for you.

How to Get Started

The hardest part of any project is how to get started. With a clear and set plan of action, you might find that it is easier than expected. First, you need to define your goals. Is this business something that you want to use as a side gig, or is it a future full-time job? Once your goal is clear, then you need to decide what services your should offer. There are a variety of freelance services and jobs out there, such as graphic design, web design, virtual assistant, copywriting, accounting, bookkeeping, resume writer, social media manager, etc. Once you have a list of services, it is important to do your research and determine your prices. You do not want to under or over price your services; make sure you have competitive and reasonable pricing.

After you set the outline for your business, you can now make a website. The content should be clear and visually pleasing. Yes, after a while people will start to come to you for services. However, do not be surprised or worried if, at first, that does not happen. If you are not getting as many clients as you want in the beginning, then you can start going to networking events, start spreading the word to friends, make a personal brand online, and use Upwork.

Tips and Advice

Can you make a full-time income with freelancing? This answer is YES you can! Make sure that you always do quality work; the client did not reach out to you to receive poor service. Always be responsive and punctual. Lastly, you need to make sure you never miss a deadline. If you keep up with these rules of the game, you should be able to keep and earn clients, and eventually, make a full-time income.

Mariya’s Story

Are you interested in hearing about Mariya’s story with freelancing? She tells us how she started and she reveals what she feels like can help you along your freelancing journey. Tune into her Marketing Mindset Podcast and listen to episode 04 “How to Start a Freelance Business.”


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