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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Facebook has announced that they are changing what people will see in their newsfeeds. It will be less corporate, business pages, and news media to more “meaningful social interactions.” Facebook wants more ENGAGEMENT. They want to see posts that spark dialogue, and foster community. The top things that people will see in their newsfeeds are: posts from friends, family, group pages, and any topic that will start a discussion (such as a trending topic, or controversial news topic).

This new algorithm will completely change how businesses are using Facebook. It’s not just about the newsfeed anymore. We have to work around the platform and get creative.

Posts from business pages will not appear in the newsfeed unless you are using ad money- or if good amounts of people are engaging with it. If people want to see what businesses are posting, there is now a “Pages Feed” on the left hand side of your timeline.

Here are a few tips from the pros on how to market on Facebook in 2018:

1. The content on business pages need to have a community feel. That means:

  • Encouraging discussion

  • Taking Polls

  • Asking Questions

  • Using Facebook Stories

  • Using Facebook Live

2. Start a Group!

  • Creating a group from your page is a great way to create a community feel, make sure your posts are seen, and build a lead list.

  • You can attach your group to your page, and that gives more credibility to your business page.

  • In your group- don’t use your business name. Use SEO keywords. Ex, if you are a recruiter in Atlanta, GA. Your group name would be “Local Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia.”

  • Groups are the only non-personal accounts that will still have organic reach!

3. Must Have An Ad Budget Set For Advertising.

  • Your business page will no longer work correctly unless if you have an ad budget.

  • If you have a sale, promotion, giveaway, etc you NEED to spend ad money for people to see it. You will need to spend money to make money.

4. Lead People From Your Social Media To Your Email List.

  • We cannot control social media algorithms, but we can control our websites and our email lists.

  • Use all social media platforms to lead people back to your website and signed up on your email list! You need to get creative on how you will engage people to get on your list!

  • Create some form of downloadable content and advertise it on your business page AND group page!

With all of these new changes, you may be asking yourself why should your business even stay on Facebook anymore. Here are few reasons:

  1. It still is a strong source when establishing credibility for your business. When people are researching a business, they still need to see what you are about, what kind of reviews you get, who you have worked with, etc. You can now use your business page as more of a "portfolio."

2. Your contact information is up, it’s like being in the “Yellow Pages.”

3. You have the ability to create ads and reach a massive amount of people!

If you haven’t already, join my FREE Facebook group where we discuss all things marketing: social media hacks, email marketing, blogging, public relations and more! Here’s the link:​

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