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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Online Store

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

If you just started (or have been running) an eCommerce business, getting traffic to your shop can be tough. You know that marketing plays a vital role in seeing an increase in sales. You may be skimming popular clothing sites such as "Romwe" or "A'Gaci" seeing how engaged their followers are...wondering what is their secret?! Well, I have 5 easy ways to market your online business that you can start utilizing TODAY to see a boost in your sales in the next few months...

1. Connect With An Instagram Influencer

Find a person on Instagram with 10k+ followers that would represent your brand perfectly. Contact them to see if they would be willing to receive a free item from you, in exchange for a picture and mention of your store. A set of approval from industry influencers will boost your traffic, followers, brand awareness, and SALES.

2. Feature Your Customers

One of your social media goals should be for your customers to become your brand ambassadors and give you free marketing. Come up with a fun hashtag that your customers can tag when they post a photo of themselves with one of your items for a chance to be featured on your page. Not only does this create a community around your brand, but raises your brand awareness!

3. Host A Giveaway

Who doesn't love the chance at winning a free prize! If you do a quick Google search, you can read all about how different companies were able to grow their sales, followers, and email lists in the matter of weeks! Partner with an influencer to giveaway an exciting product- this will bring more attention to your brand and contest than you could by yourself! Make sure your rules are easy to follow (and beneficial to your growth): Like/follow your page, share with friends. You can use sites like Rafflecopter to run your giveaway in an easy and fair manner.

4. Offer A Promo Code

Coupon codes are a perfect way to attract new and repeat customers. But don't go overboard- use promotions when necessary such as: for inventory that just won't move, showing appreciation to your best customers, automatic codes for your new customers, promotions during special holidays, etc. It's the best way to "persuade" a sale!

5. Utilize An Email List

Email marketing may be an "old" tactic, but it is still important today as it first was- and it is super effective if you have the RIGHT marketing strategy. You can utilize your list by sending an email whenever you have a new promotion, new arrivals, when it is time for a "reorder," etc. It is one of the best ways to stay "top of mind." To read more of why email marketing is important, click here.

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