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The Marketing Workflow Basics Your Company Needs

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Marketing can be a little complicated, and you pay not know exactly where to start, or what to prioritize. Just begin with the basics. Create an efficient workflow, and then move on to more advanced tasks and projects. These are the basic workflows that your company needs to start with:

1. Social Media Marketing

Other than a website, social media should be your top priority. Potential customers are constantly screening company's profiles to see how "legit" a brand truly is. Do you need to figure out which specific social network you should be on? Read my article with Owner's Magazine here. Your social media workflow should include (do this once a month):

- Sourcing internal and external content

- Set up a posting calendar and scheduler

- Monitor audience engagement and interact as needed (do this a few times a week)

- Run analytic results each month and strategize how to do better next month.

2. Email Marketing

Email is a great way to keep your customers interested in your new products and sales! If someone signed up for your email list, that means that they want to hear from you. Take advantage of this opportunity to create more sales. Your email marketing workflow should look like this (do this as often as you need):

- Set a goal for each email campaign

- Design a layout

- Fill with content and copy

- Schedule your emails

- Run analytic results and see which customers are responding the best to what content

- Run a specialized targeted campaign from the analytical results

3. Online Media Coverage

When we see a company getting media coverage, we naturally have a higher opinion of said company. Media coverage makes one seem important and we tend to trust the company a little more. Need more info on how to get publicity?! Download our How-To worksheet on our resources page here! Here's what you PR workflow should look like (do this at least once a quarter):

- Set publicity goals

- Identify targeted publications

- Find contact information for relevant reporters

- Define your "key message" for each

- Write a personalized pitch

- Send Pitch

- Follow up with targeted contacts/publications

- Review results and set new goals

Once you have the basics in place, is when you can get started on more advanced marketing campaigns!

If you haven’t already, join my FREE Facebook group where we discuss all things marketing: social media hacks, email marketing, blogging, public relations and more! Here’s the link:

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