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Having a website for your organizations majorly increases your visibility and credibility. Your clients expect you to have a website that has more information about your company. If they can’t, they may question the validity of your business. Your website is a place online that can showcase who you help, how you can help, and why your potential customers can trust your service or products. We can also add features where your customer can book appointments, make payments, and even buy products. 

When you book a strategy call with our website design company, our goal is to learn more about your company, and the goals you have for your business. Our website design company strives to help you clarify your message on each page so that you are able to capture the attention of your ideal customer as soon as they land on your website. Every design and formatting decision is made with your target audience in mind.


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client results

This screenshot showcases the Google traffic results from one of our client’s who is in the health and beauty industry.


We started working on their website this summer, and had launched it into the world wide web in October. As you can see, they immediately started to see results from their website through Google traffic.


As of February 2021, their website has over 600 monthly visitors and 44% of those are all from Google Search.

How to work with


Our website design company has created a streamlined process for our clients to ensure a smooth website launch experience. We make sure that no website task is overseen by going in phases. Each client starts with phase one, where we focus solely on the design process of your website. This phase takes about 6-8 weeks for a 6-page website. Once the design is fully approved and the website is launched, the client has the opportunity to move on to phase two. 

In phase two, we fully optimize your website to be found on search engines when a potential customer searches for your product or services. This phase takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the website. Aside from search engine optimization, we also create backlinks for your website. When phase two is complete, our website design company recommends that our locally-based clients like fitness centers, health clubs, move on to phase three. 

Phase three is where we focus on "localizing" your website. This phase is beneficial to companies that provide services to specific cities in their area. In addition to a few website techniques on your website, we also optimize your local profile on Google My Business, Bing, and Yahoo local.


The Basic Business Website

Investment starts at: $4954


This package focuses on creating a professionally designed website. We do not use any templates but instead create a custom design for each of our clients based on their style preferences. Our basic package starts at six pages: home, about, three service pages, and a contact page. We have a signature homepage and service page formula based on sales psychology that will be implemented into the messaging and layout of your website. 

Other deliverables include: 

  • Website Strategy Call

  • Website Mood Board Options

  • Assistance with Hosting & Platform Set-Up

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

  • 4 Rounds of Revision

  • Website Training Session


Search Engine Optimization

Investment starts at: $2,350


This package can be added after phase one is complete. Phase two focuses on ensuring that your website is fully optimized for search engines. We will start by researching keywords most commonly searched in your industry. We will select a focus keyword for each page of your website and interweave it on your website's front and back end. Additionally, we will work on getting backlinks for your website.


Deliverables include: 

  • Keyword Research

  • Keyword Mapping

  • Meta Titles & Descriptions

  • Image Tagging

  • Backlink Distribution


Digital Localization

Investment starts at: $2,170


You can add on the localization package after phases one and two are fully complete. This process solely focuses on ensuring that your company is found on google search when someone searches for your services in your local area. We added a few localization techniques to your website to focus on ten surrounding cities. In addition, we create and fully optimize your local profiles on Google My Business, Bing Business, and Yahoo Local. 


Deliverables include: 

  • Focus on 10 Cities on Your Website

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Bing Business Optimization

  • Yahoo Local Optimization

What Our Clients Say

I was referred to MBM through a colleague and I'm glad I found this team. MBM took my site to #1 on Google. Results? I had to hire another tutor just to keep up with the demand. Mariya's a total pro and couln't be happier.