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MBM is a North Georgia based marketing agency serving small businesses & personal brands with complete digital marketing services from strategy to implementation.

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We Help New Service-Based Business Owners Create & Implement A Marketing

Plan That Converts

Who Is This For?

This 1:1 Marketing Coaching is for the service-based entrepreneur or business owner who is not yet ready to invest in outsourcing their entire marketing department over to an agency. They want to learn marketing for themselves so that they can easily implement their ideas moving forward.  


Does this sound like you?


In our very first session, we will go over where you currently are in business and your goals for the next 12 months. After managing the marketing departments for various industries for the past 5 years, we know how to BEST maximize your efforts. In this one on one coaching, we are holding NOTHING back. You'll learn all of our secrets of how you can easily reach your ideal customer, capture their attention, and grow your revenue

using the basic online strategies. 

Our Simple Process

We create a strategic marketing plan to make sure that every post speaks directly to your target audience. It's simple! We work to help increase your sales.

1. Schedule A Call

When you schedule a call: we get to know you, your business, and the vision you have for your company. We want to make sure that you will be a good fit for this program. We don't accept everyone.   

2. Sign Contract

After we both agree that you and your business will be a good fit for the coaching program, we will send over a contract and first month's payment. Once the contract is signed and payment is received, we will schedule our first session!

3. Begin Program

Each weekly session will be scheduled through a video Zoom call. This way we can connect and screen share to show you our spreadsheets, tools, and slides. If you have questions or concerns in between sessions, we are always available through a call or text to help guide you.

What We'll Cover

We'll cover everything you need to know about digital marketing in order to hit your first 6 figures in business. We start with the basics-- going over your goals, identifying your target audience, and creating a strategic 3-6 month marketing plan. 


If you are a service-based business, your potential customers are probably looking for your services through a quick Google search. You need to make sure that you will be showing up when they are looking. This is why we go over your homepage and teach you SEO basics before moving on to other strategies. 


Once your strategy is in place, and your homepage speaks a clear message, we move on to your social media marketing plan. We have a few tricks up our sleeves of how you can take your marketing plan and create social media content to help you achieve your goals. We have mastered creating and scheduling content for 30 days within just a few hours. We go over what photos to select, how to create a cohesive feed, and how to craft the perfect captions to resonate with your ideal client. Instagram Stories have been one of the most effective marketing tools for us and our clients-- so we will teach you exactly the steps you need to take to gain the trust of your audience so that they WANT to hand over their credit card to you. 


We end the last two sessions with email list building and PR tips as it is important to know to truly grow your business to where you want to be. This is your digital marketing crash course, and the one on one aspect personalizes each session to your specific business and your personal goals. 

Week One

Identifying Your Target Audience

 We will work through who exactly is your target audience, what are their pain points, what do they care most about, etc. This will be the starting point to developing your whole marketing strategy, website plan, and social media.

Week Two

Creating Your Marketing Plan

After you identify who is your ideal client avatar, we create a marketing strategy based on your business goals. We make sure that your message is clear and cohesive across all platforms. I help you organize your ideas month by month, week by week, day by day.

Week Three

Website Homepage Formula

While I am a designer at heart, the design is not the most important part of your website. What is most important is the formula and the words that your potential customer sees. I teach you the formula we use and the psychology behind it. 

Week Four

HW & Implementation

You will take this week to rearrange your website's homepage so that it aligns with our strategic formula. 

Week Five

SEO Strategies

& Guidelines

I teach you basic SEO strategies and give you guidelines to follow. I will also walk you through our favorite FREE keyword research tools that help you see which keywords are the most searched in your industry and how easily can you rank for them. This is extremely powerful for locally based businesses. I've seen clients have instant results. 

Week Six

HW & Implementation

This week you will take the time to implement the SEO strategy that we put into place in session five. 

Week Seven

Creating a Resource Sheet & Content Calendar.

We have perfected a process of being able to create 30 days of content within a few hours. This is due to a resource sheet and a content calendar spreadsheet. A resource sheet is a spreadsheet of what subjects your clients are interested in, publications/social accounts of trusted publications, top hashtags, etc. It helps you cut your time in half when you start creating your content calendar because it instantly gives you ideas. Each content calendar coincides with our original marketing strategy. 

Week Eight

Selecting Photos, Crafting Captions, & Scheduling 

To be successful online, your profile needs to have a cohesive "theme." We teach you how to achieve a branded look, as well as craft captions that speak directly to your target audience. We show you how to schedule your content calendar so that you don't have to remember to post everyday. 

Week Nine

HW & Implementation 

You will take this week to finish your content calendar, craft the rest of your captions, and schedule your content. 

Week Ten

Growth Strategies & Stories for Business

We teach you the tips and tricks on how to grow your social profiles and get people back to your account and to hit that follow button. We will also teach you all the best practices of how to use Instagram/FB stories for business. 

Week Eleven

Email List Building Strategies

I go over email list building basics, and why it is important in business growth! I'll also give you ideas of how you can best use it. 

Week Twelve

PR Strategies

I will teach you how to get your name in the press to help you build authority in your industry.