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Mariya Bentz Media Agency is a digital marketing company based in Metro- Atlanta, Georgia. 

who we are

about mbm

What differentiates us from any other marketing agency is our unique strategies. We incorporate the elements of storytelling to help clarify your message, reach your ideal customer, and grow your revenue using online strategies.  


Meet The Team


Mariya Bentz

Founder & Lead Marketing Specialist

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Elena Cherry

Website Designer & Marketing Specialist


Viktoriya Tolmacheva

SEO Expert


Kathy wood

Content Writer

The journey



Mariya Bentz founded MBM Agency in Califonia

about mariya

Founder & Lead Marketing Specialist

Mariya Bentz has been in the digital marketing industry for 5 years. Mariya created MBM Agency because she noticed that service-based businesses were struggling in creating and growing their revenue using online marketing. While it is easy to create a marketing plan for a B2C business-- B2B businesses struggle with getting creative of how to reach their customers online.

Mariya's work has been recognized by iTunes (Top 200 Business Podcasts), Fit Small Business, Content Marketing Institute, CEO Nation, and more. 


Prior to creating MBM Agency, Mariya was a Marketing Manager for a multi-million dollar event technology company in Irvine, CA. She oversaw everything in their marketing department-- from website design to social media strategies to company communications. 


Mariya earned her Communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA where she was taught by the lead marketing and graphic design professionals in the industry. 

She now resides with her family in the Metro- Atlanta area of Georgia. 



Moved MBM to Georgia

Created MBM's Website

Launched first Client Website



Took MBM Full Time

launched "tHE marketing 

mindset podcast"


about elena

Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Elena Cherry is MBM Agency's creative marketer. While currently attending The University of North Georgia, she is attaining her Bachelor's in Marketing with a Digital Marketing concentration. She is also minoring in Graphic Design and Business. Elena is very passionate about design, graphics, and visual arts, and she strives to produce artistic and creative content.  

Prior to her interest in Visual Marketing, Elena was mostly known for her visual arts. She has been recognized by the State of Georgia as the Champion of On-Site Drawing, her artwork was in the High Museum during the summer of 2016, and she has won a variety or artistic awards throughout the nation. She spends a lot of her time working for MBM Agency, as well as her own photography and personalized art business. 


attended "pAYS TO BE BRAVE"

Final Podcast Logo.jpg
Post 1.jpg

Top 200 new

& Noteworthy

about viktoriya

SEO Expert

Viktoriya is MBM's lead SEO strategist. She will be researching the keywords that are popular in your industry, create an SEO mapping sheet for each page, and will then implement it unto your website.


MBM hired Viktoriya T.

Final Podcast Logo.jpg
Final Podcast Logo.jpg

Top 200 Business

podcasts on itunes

MBM Agency Sales | Local


Launched the ultimate sales page

roadmap course

Booked out until February 2021


Hired Kathy Wood

about kathy

Content Writer & Blogger

Kathy writes clear marketing copy to promote our products/services.




       on itunes

Final Podcast Logo.jpg

54% increased monthly traffic to clients

Mbm has created 425+ Page designs

46% increased organic monthly leads


What Our Clients Say

"I would highly recommend MBM Agency for web development and any other creative services that might meet your business needs."

William J. Brillant

Brilliant Networking LLC


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